MathEd Studies is my  blog about research in mathematics education, teaching and learning, and teacher learning. It contains studies, books, links, etc about mathematics education. It is actually my nth attempt to organize myself. Evernote is not enough to organize me. With this blog I hope it will be easier for me to trace where I read this or that idea. I hope this will also be useful to you especially in doing a literature review for your research. For obvious reason I cannot provide access to the full paper or books just the abstract and some important ideas from them. Usually these ideas has to do with what I’m currently writing. I have included the title of the journal and publisher of the paper in each post if you want to read the full paper.

If you have a paper about mathematics teaching and learning and teacher learning published online with public access, just e-mail the link to me. Of course, I reserve the right to link it or not in this blog.

I have two other sites – Mathematics for Teaching and K-12 Math Problems. The first one is for math teachers, parents and anyone interested in math teaching and learning. The second one is written for students but teachers will find the problems and solutions informative and interesting as well.


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