MathEd Studies Category: Learning Theories

Category: Learning Theories

What is Realistic Mathematics Education?

Realistic Mathematics Education (RME) is an approach to mathematics education developed in The Netherlands by the math educators of the Freudenthal Institute. The development of what is now known as RME started around 1970. The foundations were laid by Hans Freudenthal and his colleagues. Hans Freudenthal stressed the idea of mathematics as a human activity and therefore…

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What is knowledge?

The following ‘characterization’ of knowledge is from the paper A contemporary analysis of the six ‘‘Theories of Mathematics Education’’ theses of Hans-Georg Steiner by Gunter Torner  and Bharath Sriraman published in ZDM Mathematics Education (2007) 39:155–163. Knowledge is an objective, definite, and organized body of facts that constitute the truth about a subject, to be distinguished from opinion, which is subject…

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