MathEd Studies Category: Research methods

Category: Research methods

What are the types of research frameworks?

Margaret Eisenhart (1991) has identified three types of research frameworks: theoretical, practical, and conceptual.   Theoretical Frameworks A theoretical framework guides research activities by its reliance on a formal theory; that is, a theory that has been developed by using an established, coherent explanation of certain sorts of phenomena and relationships—Piaget’s theory of intellectual development and Vygotsky’s theory of socio-historical constructivism are two prominent theories…

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What is design-based research methodology?

Design-based research as described by Wang and Hannafin is “a systematic but flexible research methodology aiming at improving practice through iterative processes of analysis, design and revision in real-world settings”. In this approach, the refinement of practical products works hand-in hand with the refinement of theory. My interest in this research methodology is its similarity…

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