MathEd Studies Category: Teacher Learning

Category: Teacher Learning

The Teacher and the Curriculum

Teachers don’t merely deliver the curriculum. They develop, define it, and reinterpret it too. It is what teachers think, what teachers believe and what teachers do at the level of the classroom that ultimately shapes the kind of learning that young people get. (Hargreaves 1994, p. ix) Hargreaves, A. (1994). Changing teachers, changing times: teachers’ work and…

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Categories of teachers knowledge

The following notes are from the literature review of Tim Burgess in his paper Statistical Knowledge for Teaching: Exploring It in the Classroom published in For the Learning of Mathematics, Vol.29, No.3. Knowing and Using Mathematics in Teaching (Nov., 2009), pp. 18-21. Teacher’s knowledge is organized in a content-specific way, rather than around the generic tasks of…

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