MathEd Studies History of Math – easy readings

History of Math – easy readings

  1. History of negative numbers
  2. Negative Numbers
  3. Proof: a brief historical survey
  4. A brief history of time measurement
  5. From a random world to a rational universe
  6. The four color theorem
  7. Geometry:  History from practice to abstraction
  8. The development of Algebra 1
  9. The development of Algebra 2
  10. History of trigonometry Part 1
  11. History of trigonometry Part 2
  12. History of Trigonometry Part 3
  13. History of the Concept of Function

History of math in a nutshell

Harvard Course on nature of math

Project 2061 – Nature of Math

Reading for HS teachers

A Short Account of the History of Mathematics

Philosophy of Math

Philosophy of Education


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