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Tag: learning theories

Patterns of variation and invariance in variation theory

Variation theory states that to learn a phenomenon means to simultaneously discern and focus on the critical aspects/features of the phenomenon. To discern a particular feature, the learner must experience variation in that dimension. When an aspect of a phenomenon varies while other aspects remain invariant, the aspect that varies would be discerned (Pang and Marton 2005). Click What is…

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What is knowledge?

The following ‘characterization’ of knowledge is from the paper A contemporary analysis of the six ‘‘Theories of Mathematics Education’’ theses of Hans-Georg Steiner by Gunter Torner  and Bharath Sriraman published in ZDM Mathematics Education (2007) 39:155–163. Knowledge is an objective, definite, and organized body of facts that constitute the truth about a subject, to be distinguished from opinion, which is subject…

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